Easy Mother's Day Meal


Roasted chicken, lemon and paprika

This is such a simple and tasty meal.  It’s been a hit every time I’ve made it and would make a perfect Mothering Sunday meal this weekend. It literally just needs throwing together and roasting.  This is adapted from a recipe by www.christinebailey.co.uk

Don’t be put off by jointing the chicken.  If you haven’t done it before, just follow the instructions  https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/videos/techniques/how-joint-raw-chicken For the lemon zest do use organic lemons if you can, just to avoid too many pesticides as additionally seasoning.


Serves 6

1 chicken, jointed (ideally organic)

1 bulb of garlic (separated into unpeeled cloves)

2 unwaxed lemons, cut into quarters

1tbsp smoked paprika

1 lemon zest

sprig of thyme

3 tablespoons olive oil

150 ml chicken stock

1 x 400g can artichoke hearts

black pepper

sea or Himalayan salt


Preheat the oven to 160°C/gas mark 3.

Mix together the paprika, lemon zest and olive oil. Place the chicken pieces into a roasting tin along wit the garlic cloves, thyme and lemon quarters. Pour over the oil mix and rub all over the chicken pieces Finally, pour the stock over the top and season with pepper and salt.

Cover the dish with foil and put in the oven to cook, for 2 hours. Remove the foil from the roasting tin, mix in the artichoke hearts and turn up the oven to 200°C/gas mark 6/400ºF.

Cook the for another 30 minutes, until the chicken is golden.

Serve with a leafy green vegetable such as spring greens or broccoli and roasted sweet potatoes, carrots or cauliflower rice.

Nutrition Points

This contains plenty of protein and B vitamins from the chicken, allicin for our livers and immune system from the garlic and of course vitamin C from the lemons.  Artichokes are a great source of inulin for healthy digestion and olive oil not only has healthy fats, but high levels of antioxidants.