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A nutritional therapy consultation can help you get the right balance of nutrients to feel well, perform well and think positively.

A nutritional therapy consultation generally involves:

  • Health and diet questionnaire completed by you.

  • Analysis of health and diet questionnaire by me before we meet.

  • 90 min initial consultation

  • Dietary action plan (, meal ideas) that you agree is achievable.

  • Supplement and test recommendations if applicable


  • Initial consultation is £120 - including email with report, meal suggestions, recipes and supplement suggestions.

  • Follow ups are £60 and usually happen at 4 weekly intervals.

In Edinburgh, or via Skype, I consider factors such as stress, diet and lifestyle and apply the latest research in nutritional therapy to address any imbalances. There are many health issues that dietary adjustments and an improvement of nutritional status can help to address.

I frequently work with digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, I give advice on hormonal issues such as PCOS or fertility, and I support clients with energy problems including chronic fatigue. Weight loss nutrition programmes, as well as weight gain nutrition programmes are also a big part of my work.

If we do a lot of sport or physical exercise, we also put great demands on the body and sports nutrition can help prevent your health suffering, speed up recovery and healing and get you performing at your peak.

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