Why the change in name?


Recently I decided to change the name of my nutrition consultancy from Nu-Boosthealth to The Edinburgh Clinic of Nutrition.

There are a few reasons for doing this

  • Nu-Boosthealth made sense to me when I graduated from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in 2007. It was Nu for nutrition and my intention was to "boost your health". However, I soon realised the link with Nu and nutrition was not clear to everyone.

  • Nu-Boosthealth often got shortened to NuBoost, which I think made me sound like a breakfast cereal. Well, it's fair to say I am NOT the world's biggest fan of over-processed, over-heated (yes they are, that's how they get crispy!), over-sugared breakfast cereals.

  • But the much better reason is quite simply that The Edinburgh Clinic of Nutrition reflects where I am and what I do much clearer. I moved to Edinburgh in 2011 (after a brief stint here in 2009) and am very happy living and working here. The new company name represents this for me.